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EVRE & Park+ will set-up 10,000 EV Charging Stations

Written by Nizam Shaikh

India’s leading electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider, EVRE, has partnered with Park+, the country’s largest innovative parking solutions brand. Together the brand’s will establish 10,000 EV charging stations across India over the two years. Under the collaboration, the brand’ will acquire spaces to set up smart charging & parking hubs for the logistics and people mobility segment. 

EV Charging Infrastructure in India

EVRE has revealed that the brand will conceptualise the design and manufacture of the EV charging hub. The brand will also establish, operate and maintain the EV charging infrastructure. On the other hand, Park+ will be responsible for arranging and managing the real estate aspect of the charging hub. Park+ already has 1000+ apartments, 250+ Corporate and 30+ Malls. The brand already has an established network which will help EVRE with the consumer demand. The company reveals that EVRE and Park+ will establish new charging hubs in high demand areas. These include shopping complexes, residential townships, malls, hotels and corporate tech parks. This will help people using the areas charge their EVs. 

Implementation of Charging Hubs in India

EVRE and Park+ will set up the charging hub in a phased manner. The brand has announced that it will set up 300 charging hubs in Delhi NCR by

the end of the year. Also, the brand will add 100 charging hubs in Mumbai, another 100 in Pune and 100 in Bengaluru. This will help the brand increase the ground-up charging infrastructure density of stations. This will enable more people to adopt electric vehicles in the Indian market. 

The partnership will benefit both EVRE and Park+ as the brand upgrades the parking space for electric vehicles parked idle. The brands will work on a customised revenue-sharing model for each hub concerning its elements, including the property category and location, among others. Soon the EVRE charging hubs will scale to multiple locations in a much faster way. 

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