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Evoke Motorcycles to enter Indian EV segment ‘Project M1’

Written by Nizam Shaikh

As India’s emission policies get more stringent, plenty of new opportunities for the EV manufacturers have opened up and a lot of companies have shown their interest and are ready to enter this lucrative new market. No doubt it is the future and with increasing pollution and ever rising fuel costs, the next best option is to go electric. Of course, it is better only when the electricity is sourced from a renewable source of energy – wind, hydro-electric, solar etc..

One such company is Evoke Motorcycles, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer getting ready to enter the booming EV market in India. Evoke Motorcycles plans to locally manufacture its motorcycles and also set-up local EV charging stations in India. Evoke Motorcycles is already selling two models Urban Classic and Urban S in China, U.S.A and Europe and is planning to bring its Cruiser styled motorbike called Kruzer / ‘6061’, later this year. Both, Urban Classic and Urban S are already certified and homologated in Europe.

Evoke Motorcycles plans to make it entry in India with a new motorcycle platform code named ‘project M1’. It will go head to head with the internal combustion engine motorcycles from 125cc to 150cc range. Though Evoke Motorcycles plans to localize 70 percent of the motorcycle, they will source the powertrain and battery from China.

Evoke Motorcycles are powered by 19 kW electric motor with a maximum torque of 116.6 Nm & high powered hub motor with a three-phase brush-less controller rated at 400 Amps with regenerative deceleration coupled to a maintenance-free direct drive. For the brakes and suspension, it uses dual 300mm disc brakes with 4-piston calipers on the front and 220mm single disc with 2-piston calipers on the rear. The front suspension has 42mm upside down fork and a rear monoshock with 17-inch wheels with dual compound rubber tyres.

The Evoke Motorcycles battery is high performance, an ultra-high capacity lithium-ion battery with electronic and thermal management system and fail-safes, with a charging time of 3 hours and a city range of 195 Km @ 50 kmph and a highway range of 120 Km @ 100 kmph and a top speed of 130 kmph.