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EV charging point every 4 km in India, by Ather Energy

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Ather Energy, known for their upcoming S340 electric scooter have announced that they will be setting up India’s first decent EV charging network. The brand has revealed that their EV charging systems will be open to all EVs. Known as the AtherGrid, this infrastructure development will first begin in Bangalore. Ather is targeting to setup 30 charging stations by the end of this month and there should be a charging station every 4 km within the city by the end of this year when this charging station number will be doubled to 60.

Ather will be installing these charging stations strategically at malls, cafes, restaurants, tech parks, multiplexes & gyms. This EV charging system will be accessible by both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Also, the partners in helping setup this charging infrastructure will offer points pro-bono at their premises.

AtherGrid and an app for the same (charging included) will be free for the next 6 months for all EV users. This is a fantastic move. Customers can look for the nearest AtherGrid charging system via the app and navigate to the location. Also, payment options and keeping charge status under check via the app will also be available.

This is the right way forward for an EV brand. Unless there is infrastructure, nobody is going to buy anything electric. And with strategic placements, it just becomes more convenient for the end user.

For safety, there will be auto power cut off to prevent overcharging and the system will have an IP55 rater body for usage even during monsoons.