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Euler will launch Electric 3-wheeler Light Commercial Cargo Vehicles in 2020

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Everyone wants to make an electric vehicle. That seems to be the new business mantra worldwide. Euler Motors, a new tech start-up is planning to launch electric 3-wheelers in the light commercial cargo segment by early 2020. The brand has already created 100 such prototype electric 3-wheelers and they are running on the Delhi-NCR streets.

Euler Motors reveals that their prototypes are currently put to use by top brands like BigBasket, EcomExpress, BlueDart, Udaan, etc. as the last-mile delivery vehicle. This will reduce the need for vehicles burning fossil fuel, and since the vehicle leaves after being parked for a long time during loading process, these EVs can be charged enough for the delivery route.

Euler Motors was founded in 2019 and has raised a pre-series A funding of USD 2 million so far. The brand will set up a manufacturing and R&D facility so that they build Lithium-Ion battery packs by themselves. Euler wants to develop battery packs which will be weather proof here in India, and be effective for the delivery range of intra-city logistic vehicles.

For now, the prototypes have a 5.76 KWh batteries in place. Eurler will have a charging infrastructure set up for additional support on the go. There will be connected technology in place along with telematics for operators to keep track of their vehicles and customers getting better notifications. At the moment, Euler has 70 charging stations in place within the Delhi-NCR region.

The current prototype 3-wheelers from Euler have a range of 80-100 km, also depending on the cargo weight which is expected to be delivered. The brand states that these 3-wheelers will have 500 kg load carrying capacity.