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Euler Motors bags 2,500-vehicle order from Flipkart, BigBasket & Udaan before launch

Written by Nayak

Euler Motors, one of the newer OEMs in the electric vehicle segment, has received 2,500-vehicle orders. E-commerce giants like Flipkart, BigBasket and Udaan will deploy Euler electric three-wheelers to undertake first, mid and last-mile operations. These three-wheeler EVs will ply in and around Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. The company mentioned that the deliveries of these vehicles will start in the next 6 to 8 months. Euler Motors will launch its first three-wheeler L5 cargo vehicle in this upcoming festive season. The demand for EVs in the market is relatively high, especially in these last-mile delivery businesses. A lot more companies are expected to join this bandwagon that will further enhance the network and infrastructure.

Current State Of Euler Motors

In the Delhi NCR region, Euler Motors is already plying close to 300+ vehicles. This is under a part of a pre-launch pilot with e-commerce and FMCG companies. The response has been quite positive as the company claims that this vehicle will set a new benchmark in on-road performance and customer profitability. Today, Euler Motors has clocked close to 10 million kilometres, thus reducing carbon emissions by around 1000 tonnes. This also accounts for 1 million litres of saved fuel.

Growing Demand For EVs In The Commercial Sector

There is no denying the fact that EVs are the future in the automotive sector. This is now evident from the fact that a host of automotive firms have recently launched their innovative electric vehicle offerings. In the commercial sector, these EVs provide a lot of advantages over their ICE counterparts. One of the major concerns, especially in the metro cities, is the pollution caused by commercial diesel vehicles. And this is where EVs provide a significant edge and help in reducing the carbon footprint. In terms of economy and cost, electric vehicles are much more pocket friendly, both in terms of maintenance and running costs.

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