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Euler HiLoad EV – What is it?

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Delhi-based electric mobility company, Euler (Pronounced: oy.lr) has introduced a new electric commercial three-wheeler. The electric commercial three-wheeler dubbed Hi-Load EV comes with two iterations DV and PV. Furthermore, the cargo electric vehicle comes with DV (Delivery Van), PV (Pickup Van), FB (Flat Bed) and HD (High Deck) variants.

Euler Motors – Hi-Load EV Three-Wheeler – Price

Euler Motors has revealed that the Hi-Load EV will come with a price tag starting at INR 3.50 lakh ex-showroom. The brand also offers the Euler Motors Hi-Load with financial options for the customer.

Euler Motors – Hi-Load EV – Technical Specifications

Powering the Euler Motors Hi-Load EV is a Three phase induction motor with 10.96 KW on the DV and 7.1 KW on the PV. Both motors produce 88.55 Nm of torque and come with an automatic transmission. The brand offers a 72V electric architecture and a 12.4 Kwh lithium-ion battery pack  with chassis integration. The electric three-wheeler is capable of achieving a top speed of 42 Km/hr. The DV returns a range of 151 km on a single charge while the PV returns 129 km per charge. However, the company claims that the true range of the Hi-Load EV is around 110 km on a single charge.

Euler Motors – Hi-Load EV – Charging Time

The Euler Hi-Load EV can charge in 3.5 – 4 hours at an AC charger. At a DC fast charger, the three-wheeler is capable of 50 km of range in 15 minutes. The electric three-wheeler comes with a Plug and Play charging gun and no extra hassle or components.

Euler Motors – Hi-Load EV – Dimensions and Running Gear

The Euler Hi-Load EV measures 3400 mm in length, 1460 mm in width, and 300 mm of ground clearance. The three-wheeler comes with 6×4.7×4.3 feet container dimensions and 6×4.7xOpen cargo body dimensions. The DV weighs 690 Kgs and the PV weighs 650 Kgs. The cargo vehicles gets Reinforced Sheet Metal body, Hydraulic shock absorber with helical spring on the front, Trailing arm with hydraulic shock absorber with helical spring on the rear, a single disc brake on the front and drum brakes on the rear.

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