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Electric Royal Enfield motorcycle is long away from production

Written by Rohit Tonapi

About four years ago, the first report came in that Royal Enfield was working on an electric motorcycle. It did not come as a surprise as most car and bike makers are looking to come up with electric vehicles for the future. While there were not many updates for a while about Royal Enfield’s electric motorcycle, we have some new details about it. 

At the all-new Hunter 350’s launch, Royal Enfield’s MD, Siddhartha Lal, shared some details about the progress of the EV project. Even though the development is underway, the launch will take some time. Royal Enfield has no plans to launch an electric motorcycle for at least the next 3 to 4 years. 

Reasons For The Delay

There are more than a few reasons for the delay. The main one is that Royal Enfield needs to take on multiple challenges to deliver an EV that’s up to current standards. The brand does not want to rush into the EV space. Instead, it would rather focus on building its expertise in the field. Royal Enfield motorcycles’ biggest charm is their retro design and characterful engines. Thus, they don’t want to jump right away into the EV space. 

Electric Royal Enfield Motorcycle – What To Expect?

Royal Enfield’s MD did share a few details and what we can expect from the Royal Enfield EV. Siddhartha Lal says that at present, the company is evaluating some different and out-of-the-box ideas. Furthermore, the technological shift will allow Royal Enfield to make something radically new and different. This could very well be something that would not be possible with an ICE-powered Royal Enfield. 

Siddhartha Lal did confirm that when the company makes an EV, it will be true to the form. According to him, the model must embrace the character of the electrified powertrain and all the benefits it will offer. Furthermore, he also stated that an electric Royal Enfield motorcycle will never have speakers producing fake engine sounds, as that would be inauthentic.

Hence, it is established that a Royal Enfield EV isn’t coming anytime soon. However, when it does arrive, it will most likely be something that we’ve never seen from Royal Enfield.

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