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Electric cars outsell diesel models in Europe

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Based on the data released by JATO Dynamics, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) outsold diesel vehicles for the first time in Europe in August 2021. Comparing the market share for diesel vehicles 20% (1,41,635 units), the combination of BEVs and PHEVs rose to 21% (1,51,737 units). Due to the VW emissions scandal, the popularity of diesel vehicles has taken a severe hit in Europe.

The market share of petrol cars has also dropped thanks to customers leaning towards BEVs and PHEVs. Compared to August 2019, when petrol vehicles accounted for 65% of the total sales, 2020 saw sales drop to 58%. Out of the 7,904 units sold, The Volkswagen ID.3 was the best-selling BEV in August 2021. In comparison, the Tesla Model 3 came in second (7,824 units), with the Volkswagen ID.4 taking third (4,626 units).

The Ford Kuga took the top spot with 3,512 units in the plug-in hybrid sector. This was followed by the Mercedes GLC and BMW 3 Series with 2,670 units and 2,343 units, respectively. Europe observed strong EV sales during September and Q4. The share of BEVs and PHEVs is likely to rise even further in the coming months.

Improving EV sales in India 

According to the Society Of Manufacturers Of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), banks in India should grant loans on EVs to enhance sales. In order to encourage citizens to adopt EVs, the Indian government should also create awareness of green mobility. Market players like Amazon India and Flipkart have also announced in the past to deploy EV-based delivery vehicles.

Despite many Indian states initiating EV policies to encourage faster adoption, some are yet to employ them. EV adoption policies will create a larger ecosystem in the country. Based on SMEV’s sales report for electric vehicles in India, there is a decline in electric vehicles’ sales. The association has worked on creating steps to correct the decline in growth, including a need for more charging stations across the country.

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