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Electric cars from Tata Motors will launch under ‘Ziptron’ brand

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Tata Motors has announced that their new range of electric cars will be launched under the ‘Ziptron’ brand. Starting from Q4 of 2020, Tata Motors will be introducing electric vehicles for the mass market. At the moment, Tata Motors does have the Tigor EV out on the roads, but it is not for the passenger segment. The brand has also developed the Tiago and Nexon electric vehicles which are yet to go on sale.

In Q4 of 2020, we expect the first car under the ‘Ziptron’ branding to be the Altroz EV. This could be the brands first electric premium hatchback, and possibly the first in the segment.

With Ziptron, Tata Motors aims to achieve better economies of scale in the electric car market and make EV technology more accessible to the end user. Ziptron will offer efficient high voltage battery systems, enhanced driving performance, long driving range, fast charging setup, durable batteries and warranty on EV batteries up to 8 years. Also, the EV setup on the Ziptron range of electric cars will have IP67 water resistance, allowing for stress free monsoon drives in India.

The Ziptron range of electric cars will be designed and developed in-house, with the help of the Tata Motors’ global engineering nexus. The Ziptron EVs will have completed road testing of over 1 million km across the country roads & simulations to offer reliable solutions to the buyer.

The Ziptrom technology will make use of a permanent magnet AC motor which will offer dust proof and water proof batteries meeting iP67 and will be highly efficient on the driving range and performance along with making use of regenerative braking to charge the batteries while on the move.

With the Ziptron Freefom 2.0 campaign, Tata Motors is trying to build more momentum and acceptance in the mass market towards electric cars in India. EVs will offer the same comfort and convenience of a car while being environment friendly with less pollution, less carbon footprint and other such factors. The brand will slowly educate more customers towards the driving range anxiety to help customers make a electric car buying decision.