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EKA K1.5 is India’s 1st 1.5-tonne electric LCV

EKA Eutectic van
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EKA Mobility, a prominent player in the electric mobility sector, has announced the launch of its  1.5-tonne electric Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo. Partnering with Mitsui Co., Ltd. (Japan) & VDL Groep (Netherlands), EKA Mobility aims to redefine the commercial vehicle landscape with its innovative electric LCVs.

EKA K1.5 -More Details

EKA’s electric LCVs are built on a 300-volt electrical system architecture, offering the highest-ever peak power of 80.4 hp (60kW) in the industry, with best-in-class vehicle performance. The vehicles are customizable for various applications, making them ideal for last-mile delivery, e-commerce logistics, temperature-sensitive shipments, and more. The EKA K1.5 will be available for the following applications with load body customization based on customer requirements:

  • Aluminium Container Body
  • Side Open Aluminium Container Body
  • Ms Container Body
  • Open Top Container Body / Raised Load Body
  • Half Load Body for Market Loads
  • Eutectic Container for Cold Chain Applications
  • Insulated Box Container Body
  • Collector Body

EKA Delivery Van

A standout feature of EKA Mobility is its emphasis on indigenous software development, ensuring greater customization, optimization, security, and reliability. The proprietary software powers the vehicles and enables seamless connectivity, providing users with advanced features and a futuristic driving experience.

Designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern logistics and transportation industry, EKA Mobility’s electric LCVs promise exceptional performance, reduced operational costs, and a lower environmental footprint. The company also introduced its 9-meter electric bus, the EKA 9 Staff Bus, India’s most advanced electric bus, designed and manufactured entirely in India.

EKA Mobility’s collaboration with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Japan) and VDL Groep (Netherlands) with a joint investment of over USD 100 million (~ INR 850 crores) aims to position India as a global manufacturing & sourcing hub for electric vehicles. The company has also partnered with GreenCell Mobility to supply 1000 intercity electric buses in 12-meter and 13.5-meter categories in the next few years.