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EKA E9 electric bus revealed

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Pune-headquartered electric vehicle manufacturing & technology company EKA has announced the launch of a new electric bus in the Indian market. The brand has launched the 9-metre pure electric bus, EKA E9. The EKA E9 is the brand’s first battery-electric bus offering a zero-emission future for public transport.

EKA E9 Electric Bus – Highlights

EKA claims the new E9 electric bus features a new streamlined vehicle design. The bus also offers a balance between power & range thanks to its monocoque stainless steel chassis and complete composite structure. Along with this, the EKA electric bus also offers a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as compared to existing Internal Combustion engine powered buses. Thanks to this, the E9 will also be able to deliver sustainability and profitability to all its stakeholders, revealing the brand.

EKA E9 Electric Bus – Technical Specifications

Powering the EKA E9 electric bus is a 200 kW power and 2500 Nm torque electric motor. The brand boasts that the electric motor offers faster acceleration and greater traction power than a conventional powertrain. The powertrain also claims industry-leading reliability, 17% gradeability to and a regenerative braking system. The power unit is paired with a lithium-ion battery pack that has been developed using advanced chemistry. This makes the EKA E9 electric bus not only safe but also durable and efficient. The bus also includes a CCS2 protocol fast charger. The EKA E9 also comes with vehicle control unit software designed in-house, with an integrated strategy for vehicle features.

EKA E9 Electric Bus – Features

The bus features a lightweight stainless steel monocoque chassis and rust-free composite body panels. The EKA E9 also comes with features such as front and rear disc brakes with EBS, four cameras, an emergency stop button, a fire extinguisher, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Designed with the lowest centre of gravity, EKA E9 ensures stability at high speeds and turns and is easy to drive in the crowded and congested city traffic.

The bus comes with 2500 mm width and offers 31+D + Wheelchair with a wheelchair ramp. The bus boasts to offer ample space for passengers, both seating + standing. The bus offers low entry/exit steps, which are ergonomically designed with kneeling features and the lowest 650 mm floor height. This makes it extremely comfortable & accessible for the elderly, children, women & specially-abled passengers. The bus also gets an auto-drive feature, power-assisted with tilting and telescopic steering.

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