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Dutch manufacturer PAL-V to manufacture flying cars in Gujarat India

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Netherland based company called PAL-V which is an acronym for Personel Air-Land Vehicle introduced the PAL-V flying car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018 and the company has set a target to launch the final product by 2021. The company has built the world’s first near-production-ready PAL-V Liberty and to take things further down the road or sky the brand is planning to start a production plant in Gujarat. 

According to a Media report, a Memorandum Of Understanding has already been signed by the Govt of Gujarat and PAL-V. The production at the Gujarat facility is likely to commence in 2021 and the company has been assured that all the necessary permissions from the centre for the aforesaid plant. The company has chosen Gujarat due to its proximity to a shipping port, logistic facilities and its world-class infrastructure. A major chunk of the production is likely to be exported to Europe and the United States of America. 

The Pal-V Liberty is a three-wheeled car with the mechanicals of a helicopter that comes with folding rotor blades and a boat like design features. The front has a conical nose to improve its aerodynamic efficiency, headlight units like a conventional car, outside rearview mirrors, shrouds to cover the wheels, doors with aero ducts, a tail stabiliser and is made with advanced lightweight materials like Carbon Fibre, Titanium and Aluminium. 

Powering the PAL-V Liberty are two 100 hp engines which can do a max high cruise speed of 160 kmph and has a range of 500 km. The flying car requires 330m of runway to take off and 30m of roll distance for landing. The top-speed on the flying car is 180kmph and a service ceiling of 3500m. 

The PAL-V flying car weighs 664kgs and can accommodate two people with 20kg max baggage load and maximum take-off weight of 910 kgs. In driving mode, the PAl-V flying car is 4m in length, 2m in width, and 1.7m in height. In the flight mode, the flying car is 6.1m in length, 2m in width and 3.2m in height. 

As of now, there is no news of the PAL-V flying car to be launched in India but a few model could be sold to enthusiast in our Country.