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Ducati planning to make electric scooters

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has plans to launch an electric motorcycle. It turns out that Ducati may be deviating from their powerful and successful internal combustion engine, but in fact, they might have taken a step forward into the future thinking about the environment and the impact of burning non-renewable resources and how to cope with them. If powered by a clean source of energy, such as wind and solar energy, electric bikes create less pollution and in an environmentally conscious world today, they are going to be the future of transportation.

No, Ducati is not going to stop producing those beautiful internal combustion engine machines, but they will be adding to their vast portfolio – an electric scooter. For this Ducati has joined hands with a Chinese electric scooter and motorcycle manufacturer Vmoto.

The first scooter produced by this new joint venture will be the CUx. While the scooter already exists as Super Soco, owned by Vmoto, the two have agreed to develop the standard model into a more premium scooter which will obviously come with a higher price tag. The bike features a nose camera to record rides similar to an action camera and after Ducati looks into the development, more premium features are expected from this scooter such as a fully digital instrument console and much more.

The current Super Soco is powered by a 2.8 kW Bosch hub motor which produces 3.7 BHP of power and the 1.8 kWh on board battery pack delivers a real-world range of 75 km on a single charge with a top speed of 45 kmph

The Ducati branded CUx will be a limited edition scooter and we expect that more brands step into the clean electric market. The Ducati branding will definitely help place a strong foot in the European markets for the Vmoto brand with the launch of the Ducati CUx.