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Ducati enters used superbike market with bikes less than 5 years old

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Ducati, the Italian superbike manufacturer has announced that they will enter the used superbike market. The Ducati Approved Program will sell pre-owned Ducati motorcycles with a guarantee on quality checks and optimum performance from the bikes.

Ducati Approved will have the bikes inspected for over 35 parameters. The mileage of these bikes should be less than 50,000 km and also, the bikes should be less than 5 years old. All bikes will be thoroughly inspected, to be qualified to be sold under the Ducati Approved Program. The bike maintenance history will also be checked.

Owners buying these used bikes will also get RSA. There will be a 12 month warranty on all pre-owned Ducati motorcycles bought under this initiative and in case you sell the bike, these features will be transferred to the new owner. There will be maintenance support as well where Ducati service will take care of material cost and labour charges as per the T&C.

Ducati Approved is a global program and they sell used superbikes ranging from the Scrambler to the Panigale V4.