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Diesel cars older than 15 years will be sent to scrap yard

Written by Nizam Shaikh

The government of India is striving to reduce the amount of air pollution, especially in metropolitan cities. The government is also trying to reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel in the country. Therefore, the government of India is also promoting the adoption and use of electric vehicles in India. But this is not enough, old vehicles, especially diesel cars plying on city roads are a significant cause of air pollution. These vehicles are often under-maintained and release gasses harmful to the environment. Therefore, the government of India introduced a scrappage policy for old vehicles in the country.

Old Vehicle Identification

A media report suggests that DTD (Delhi Transport Department) is planning to send old diesel cars directly to the scrap yard. Reports indicate that DTD is planning a drive to identify diesel cars. This drive will identify vehicles more than 15 years of age. Such vehicles in the National Capital Region and send them for scrapping. The government aims to encourage vehicle owners to scrap their old vehicles. Under the current scrappage policy, diesel vehicles older than 10 years and petrol vehicles older than 15 years are supposed to see the scrapyard. But for the current drive, DTD is targeting only diesel vehicles over the age of 15 years.


Under the drive, authorities will impound diesel vehicles driving around or parked on public roads older than 15 years of age. The authorities will scrap the impounded car, and the vehicle owner will get the amount recovered from the scrap. The drive has commenced on 27th September in the nation’s capital. It is also important to note that DTD will not implement all provisions of the scrappage policy in Delhi. Old vehicles that clear the automated fitness test will normally operate and be barred from the scrappage policy.

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