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Defender OCTA will be the most powerful Defender ever

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Land Rover has teased its most powerful and capable Defender model through a few images. The luxury company, synonymous with off-roading and adventure, reveals that its original British adventure brand Defender will introduce a
new high-performance, all-terrain SUV in 2024 – “The Defender OCTA”.

What is OCTA?

Defender reveals that the OCTA word mark has been derived from the Octahedron structure of the Diamond. And diamond being the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth signifies the Defender OCTA’s tough status. The mineral is also known for its rarity. And this leads us to believe that the Defender OCTA is likely to be available only in a limited production run.

Why is the Defender OCTA so Special?

The Defender OCTA will come with a V8 Twin Turbo mild-hybrid petrol power engine. The brand has not yet revealed the power and torque specifications on the engine. But speculation is that its will be the most powerful Defender ever. In addition to this, the Defender OCTA will also come with 6D Dynamics suspension system.

Defender OCTA – 6D Dynamics Suspension

For the first time, Land Rover will equip the Defender OCTA with 6D Dynamic air suspension system. 6D Dynamics technology features a hydraulic interlinked suspension system with an innovative pitch and roll control system. The technology will allow the Defender OCTA to maintain a near-level stance during acceleration, braking and cornering on-road. Furthermore, the 6D Dynamic suspension system also maximises independent wheel travel and articulation for extreme performance across all terrains.

Defender OCTA – Features

The Defender OCTA comes with features such as a new encircled diamond graphic. The diamond graphic resonates with the OCTA moniker and symbolises the flagship Defender model. The Defender OCTA also comes with a gloss black diamond within a machined and sandblasted titanium disc. The brand has also chosen Titanium to represent its robustness and resilience in its natural state.

Defender OCTA – Launch Details

Currently, the Defender OCTA is in its exhaustive development testing stage which is going on through snow and ice of Sweden to Dubai’s tough desert, the Nurburgring’s tarmac and the Moab rock crawls. The Defender OCTA will be fully revealed later this year. However, interested clients can register at their nearest Defender retailer for the first release of Defender OCTA.

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