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Customers can complaint about car defects on Vehicle Recall Portal

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has introduced a new portal for vehicle recalls. Through this Vehicle Recall Portal, customers can register complaints about their vehicles by logging on to the dedicated website. Users can register through the VAHAN portal by entering their details and make complaints about their vehicle faults. These complaints can be related to components, software, or safety-related. Registered users can lodge the complaint within 7 years of the purchase of the vehicle.

From Voluntary Recall to Mandatory Recall

Based on these complaints, MoRTH will perform an investigation, related to the component, analyse and recall the component or vehicle if required. Currently, there is only a Voluntary Recall Policy in India, where manufacturers may choose to recall the vehicle if a defect is detected at the time of production, quality control or after-sales. But to thoroughly ensure if the roads in India are safe, the government plans to make a shift towards a mandatory recall policy. This new system of having a portal to lodge complaints will see a trend shift towards safer roads and vehicles.

Vehicle Class under the Vehicle Recall Portal

For the safety recall, the Central Government has appointed Joint Secretary (MVL), Ministry of Road Transport & Highways as the designated officer. Motor Vehicles that come under the Vahan Vehicle Recall Portal are Two-Wheelers, Three-Wheeler, Quadricycle, GVW <= 3.5 Tonnes, GVW >3.5 Tonnes, <=12 Tonnes. Vehicles with GVW >12 Tonnes, Trailer GVW > 3.5 ton and <= 10 ton. Trailer GVW > 10 ton, Seat >= 9+1, GVW > 5 Tonnes, Seat >= 9+1, GVW <= 5 Tonnes and Seat <= 8+1.

What Triggers a Recall and Are Recalls Free of Cost?

MoRTH may recall a vehicle based on the threshold value of similar complaints in similar models of vehicles. The onset of the recall will take place post a thorough investigation and the customer is notified if the vehicle comes under recall. Recalls do not guarantee vehicle replacement, though specific parts may be replaced or repaired under warranty and could be free of cost to the customer.

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