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Continental ShyTech Display – What is it?

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Technology company Continental has received the ‘Gold’ award for its ShyTech display at the German Design Award. The German Design Council awarded the ShyTech display for excellent product design in the Automotive Parts and Accessories category. Each year, the council presents the award to companies that honour innovative and forward-looking products and projects for outstanding design. The ‘Gold’ German Design Award has always been presented by an international jury of leading experts from all design disciplines.

Continental ShyTech Display: Details & Functionality 

With its new ShyTech display, Continental aims to set a new standard for the increasing demands for large screen solutions. This display innovation for vehicles can take up the entire width of the instrument panel, preventing sensory overload for occupants. The ShyTech display manages to visually enhance the empty display surfaces as it’s only visible when it’s needed by occupants. Thanks to a semi-transparent surface, the ShyTech’s screen can seamlessly integrate itself into the surrounding surfaces, both visually and haptically.

Despite the instrument panel appearing as a one-piece, it provides navigation or other communication information along with the touchscreen’s menu. Along with being visible at all times, Continental’s innovation has solved the design requirement of not having inactive spaces. The company states that depending on the configuration, the display surface looks like a wooden panel or a leather-covered surface. Continental claims that thanks to ShyTech innovations, customers can virtually place the screens at any part of the interior.

The system concept developed by Continental also ensures the seamless integration of the ShyTech display, even when switched on. The system consists of a special backlight that works in tandem with the LCD panel and decor surfaces, among other things. Meanwhile, the ShyTech system also allows the display contents to appear in ideal brightness and sharpness in any lighting situation. The razor-sharp visuals of the display with high contrast values will continue to shine in sunlight or cloudy, rainy weather.

Other News

Recently, Continental Technology played a very important role in the newly launched BMW iX EV by providing technological expertise. The company helped in completely digitizing the electric SUV’s intelligent functions with the support of its Cockpit High-Performance Computer. This allowed for better software management, increasing software complexity, and growing functional scope within the BMW iX’s cockpit for convenience.

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