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Continental reveals Curved Display with hidden controls

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Continental, a technology company has showcased its latest curved display at the 2032 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA. The Curved Ultrawide Display is 1.29 meters wide, curving from one A-pillar to the other.

More details of the Continental Curved Ultrawide Display

A whopping 47.5 inch in diagonal, the TFT display gets LED backlight technology. Over 3,000 LEDs light up the 7,689 by 660 pixel resolution screen. The matrix backlight produces a high-contrast image quality and uniquely offers individual areas of the screen to be dimmed as per the need. Additionally, the dimmable technology also reduces the power requirement and helps in increasing the readability. 

The display acts as a triple display in one – one for the driver, one for the passenger and one as the middle screen. The display will allow car makers to create a futuristic cockpit and display images seamlessly on the entire screen surface. The radius of the curved display measures 4,200 mm, which integrates into the front of the vehicle. This ensures that the driver is able to see the entire screen, even areas that are far away from him/her. 

Invisible Display : Operation and Control 

This display will get its integrated controller that can ensure that the screen appears only when needed. This will help ensure no unnecessary information is displayed which could distract the driver. The panel can also be used to control the areas of the display out of reach of the driver. The panel also offers haptic feedback. This makes it possible to operate the screen without taking the eyes off the road. 

When not needed, the display doesn’t appear like a black space. Instead it merges with the surrounding, much like a chameleon. This makes the entire screen invisible when not in use as well as prevents it from being an eyesore.

Production plans for the curved display

While more details have not yet been revealed, the volume production of the Curved Ultrawide Display is planned for 2025. 

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