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Citroën reveals new corporate brand identity & logo

French carmaker Citroën has revealed a fresh corporate brand identity and logo. This signals a bold, exciting and dynamic new era to come for the 103-year-old brand. Citroën aims to accelerate its mission to make electric mobility accessible to all and extends its core DNA for affordability, audacity and customer wellbeing.

New Logo, Retro Roots

The new logo is a reinterpretation of the original logo from 1919. Citroën hints that the new oval with the double chevron logo will make its debut in a new concept vehicle before the end of this month. Eventually, it will make its way into future production models from mid-2023. 

This is the 10th logo revision in Citroën’s 103-year history. This is also only the 3rd revision to the logo in the last 13 years. While the new logo retains the “Deux chevrons” or double chevrons, the oval outer shape is a departure from the previous logos, harking back to the original one. André Citroën, the founder of the brand, chose this design back in 1919. The logo drew inspiration from his metalworking company which produced the chevron-shaped “herringbone” gear systems. The new logo combines a fresh and simple colour palette with a modern font for the Citroën lettering. 

Other Logo Variations

In one of the other variations of the new Citroën logo, the brand is using the “Monte Carlo Blue” colour. Some of Citroën’s iconic cars, including the 2CV and DS, used this colour in the past. This colour will also make a comeback as an exterior colour option on future Citroën models. However, Citroën will also use the flashier “Infra-Red” logo for physical, print as well as digital applications. This will replace the brand’s signature red. 

Upcoming Citroën Concept

The French carmaker also teased the new concept car that will wear the new emblem. Citroën described it as a significant conceptual Citroën family vehicle. The brand released 3 teaser photos. One of them shows the grille of the concept vehicle. The grille features “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën” lettering, which is the brand’s new signature.

Another teaser image shows the emblem on the back of the concept car. Meanwhile, the third one shows the top of the concept car. We can see it will feature the same brand signature on the side as well as some transparent elements with the “Infra-Red” highlights.

For a long time, Citroën models used a double chrome grille as an extension to the double chevron logo. However, with the new logo, there could be a change in Citroën’s signature styling. Although we can’t say if Citroën will also incorporate the new logo in the current lineup or keep it exclusively for the brand-new models.

We expect Citroën to reveal the new concept car at the end of September and make its public debut at the 2022 Paris Motor Show in October.

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