Citroen ‘Inspired By India’ Contest

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Citroen India has announced the launch of a new contest in India which goes by the hashtag #InspiredByIndia. The contest started on 15th July 2019 and allows the participants to traverse their creativity while getting a chance to win Citroen lifestyle products. The results for the contest will be announced on the 5th of August 2019.

The contest will engage participants in a unique interpretation of the double chevrons logo in their surroundings and involve the people of India to find the chevrons in more creative ways like Samosas’ or kites or colourful Rangolis, and share them.

The Citroen logo has a century-old history and it all started in 1900 when Andre Citroen utilised a patent for gears in the form of double chevrons a symbol he then used in 1919 to manufacture cars. The logo was updated in 1921 and the oval outline was replaced by a hexagonal blue background that highlighted the double chevrons in yellow. In 1932, the logo was changed to a swan with golden double chevrons symbolizing the new floating engines. The hexagonal background with yellow double chevrons came back in 1936 but this time along with Citroen inscribed in it. By 1959, the double chevrons protrude through a white ellipse and in 1966 the double chevron got a background with Citroen inscribed in blue. In 1985, the brand logo was modernised and the chevrons were now white inserted within a red square. From 2009, the brand’s new logo features chromed chevrons in 3D and was further refined to a 2D version in 2016.