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Chevrolet Enjoy diesel engine has problems?

Chevrolet Enjoy diesel engine has problems?
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Reports on the internet suggest that all might not be well with the slow-selling Chevrolet Enjoy MPV.

An owner of a Chevrolet Enjoy MPV while driving the car saw the engine check light flash; and when he checked the engine he found out that the oil level had gone down by a huge margin. The owner immediately filled 3 litres of engine oil (3.5L is the capacity) and took the car to the nearest Chevrolet dealership.

Powering this particular model was the 1,248cc, diesel engine which is powering most of the popular diesel products in the country.

When the owner took the car to the dealership, without providing a reason, the owner mentions that the dealership replaced the entire engine, free of cost. Something fishy here? Replacing an engine is a costly affair and no dealer would want to bear this expense, even if it is covered under warranty, the customer consent would have been necessary.

The report also mentions that there have been more such instances where Chevrolet has replaced the engine of an Enjoy MPV.

Is the company trying to hide a possible recall situation?

Source – Team-BHP