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Check out this Hyundai Pony Heritage EV hatchback

Written by Nizam Shaikh

At the Hyundai Motorstudio Busan, Hyundai revealed the Pony Heritage EV concept, an electric vehicle resto-mod for 2021. The Pony Heritage EV concept is based on the original 1975 Hyundai Pony which was the company first mass-produced car. The Hyundai Pony Heritage EV concept draws inspiration from the past but features contemporary features on the exteriors and interiors. The Pony Heritage EV concept also boasts an electric powertrain.

1975 Hyundai Pony

The 1975 Hyundai Pony was a simple hatchback with rear-wheel-drive architecture. The first generation Pony was conceived by legendary automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro making the Pony an icon of personal mobility. The Hyundai Pony was produced between 1975-1990 and became the country’s first mass-produced and exported vehicle. The timeless value of the Hyundai Pony reflects in the Pony Heritage EV concept even after 45 years.

2021 Hyundai Pony Heritage EV concept

The Pony Heritage EV concept reverberates with the original pony by featuring the same design silhouette and matte silver surface. But the new-generation Pony features LED pixelated round headlights as well as U-shaped pixelated LED taillights from the company’s ‘Pixel Road Trip’ design approach. The eight-bit pixel graphics also feature in the IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 45 concept car. The Pony also features retro-style front fender-mounted rear-view mirrors but in this case, a camera-based, fender-mounted system works as mirrors.

On the inside, the Pony Heritage EV concept features retro-classic seating and upholstery, retroelements on the dashboard and driver-oriented controls. The car features flat-bottomed steering with leather straps, a T-shaped centre and aluminium finish controls. The driver’s instruments consist of 6 lighted vacuum tubes and the left three show the state of charge while the right indicates speed. The Pony Heritage also features a brushed aluminium instruments hood and centre console, a retro-finish audio system, leather and brush aluminium finish door trim etc.


While the original 1975 Pony came with a Mitsubishi-sourced internal combustion engine, the Pony Heritage EV will boast a full-electric powertrain. The brand has not yet revealed the powertrain specifications, but it could be similar to the one that powers the IONIQ 5.