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Check out the sophisticated Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Edition 100

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Maybach Motorenbau GmbH introduced an expression of character and social position in the form of the first mass-produced Maybach in September 1921 in Berlin. Some say the W3 Model was a moving work of art. It also became the first German production car with an epicyclic gear system and brakes on all four wheels. Maybach also offered the finest materials available to humankind on the interiors of the Maybach W3. The Maybach was a custom-made luxury car uniquely equipped with fine technology and artisanship. In 1928, an Indian Maharaja even had his limousine decorated with gold and rubies.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – Edition 100

A 100 years into the craft, Mercedes-Maybach has unveiled a unique edition model of the current S-Class, “Edition 100”. The brand also announced that the special series can be ordered from the fourth quarter of 2021 and will be limited to only 100 units. The brand has revealed that the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Luxury Saloon will come with a V12 engine that produces 612 Hp of power to mark its centennial. The Edition 100 will be available at dealers in the primary markets from the beginning of 2022. Mercedes-Maybach core markets are China, Russia, South Korea, the USA and Germany.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Edition 100 – Exterior Features

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Edition 100 comes with special features such as a Maybach grille. The Maybach S-Class comes with the hallmark two-tone handprint. The Edition 100 car features a high-tech silver/nautical blue exterior paint while it comes with a designo crystal white/silver grey pearl leather interior. 

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Edition 100 – Special Features

Apart from the special exterior and interior paint and upholstery, the car also gets an “Edition 100” inscription on the C-pillar and various storage compartments. The “Edition 100” lettering also embellishes the hub caps with alloy wheels in a new grey finish. On the inside, the Maybach also comes with a handmade case made of soft crystal white or black leather in file size to store keys and papers. The brand also offers a 100 diamond-studded fountain pen from the Maybach the Peak collection with the Edition 100. Also, silver and yacht manufacturer Robbe & Berking offers a champagne flute with special engravings. 

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