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Check out the Kawasaki Elektrode electric bike

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Kawasaki has unveiled its first all-electric two-wheeler. However, it is not a full-fledged motorcycle but a balance bike for children. Kawasaki calls the new all-electric balance Elektrode. Additionally, like a proper Kawasaki, it comes in the signature lime green colour. The price of the new Elektrode is USD 1,099 MSRP.

Though not a full-fledged motorcycle, it does mark Kawasaki’s entry into the electric market space. With the new Elektrode, Kawasaki also aims to bridge the gap between pedal-powered cycles and small 50cc motorcycles. Kawasaki will initially launch the Elektrode in the US market. It is unlikely that Kawasaki will launch it in the Indian market.

Kawasaki has previously unveiled that it is working on a hybrid motorcycle. Hence, this launch is important for the brand. The launch of the Elektrode means the company is confident with its electric powertrain. Confident enough for them to make it available to customers. 

Kawasaki Elektrode – Technical Specifications

Powering the electric balance bike is an air-cooled brushless hub-mounted motor. The Elektrode also gets three power modes – High, Mid and Low. The High mode has a top speed of 13 mph. At the same time, the Mid goes up to 7.5 mph and the Low up to 5 mph. On the other hand, the battery capacity has a capacity of 187.2 Wh. At the same time, the rated output is 250 Watts. The Elektrode offers a run-time of over 150 minutes. Meanwhile, it takes about 2.5 hours to charge. 

The chassis uses an aluminium construction. There’s also a rigid suspension at both ends. The balance bike rides on 16-inch wheels at the front and back. The equipped tyres are also off-road focused. Braking hardware includes a 160mm mechanical disc brake at the rear. There’s no brake at the front.

As for dimensions, the Elektrode measures 1,235mm in length, 582mm in width and 767mm in height. Meanwhile, the wheelbase measures 832mm. The Elektrode has an adjustable seat height. The range measures between 410mm to 520mm. The ground clearance stands at 139mm. Kawasaki also says the Elektrode can take up to 45 kg of rider weight.

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