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Check out India’s 1st active liquid-cooled 2-wheeler EV battery pack

Written by Rohit Tonapi

A new technology start-up, Matter, is glad to unveil the Matter Energy 1.0 battery pack. The development of the new battery keeps the Indian usage conditions in mind. The company says the battery pack is highly purpose-built. The new battery pack meets the needs of the electric 2-wheeler industry. The company says it will start manufacturing electric two-wheelers for the Indian market soon. The team designs powertrain and battery components in-house and are locally sourced. 

The founder and CEO of Matter, Mohal Lalbhai, reveals that it is pivotal to focus on the product development cycle for electric vehicles to become mainstream. He adds the product development cycle needs to be simulation intensive and thoroughly tested. The products need to be adequately validated for reliability and safety.

Matter Energy 1.0 – Details

The Matter Energy 1.0 is a high-voltage, high-performance battery pack. The focus is mainly on safety, reliability, security and performance. The first application of this battery pack will be in the company’s upcoming 2-wheeler EV. 

The battery’s casing uses a lightweight metal that is also thermally more conductive than other metals. Furthermore, the battery pack uses an Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System (IITMS). The IITMS also features an active liquid cooling system to keep the temperature in check. The lower temperatures ensure optimised performance for the internals of the battery pack. The battery pack uses high power density cells, is also waterproof and dustproof, and has an IP67 rating. 

According to the company, India is home to an extraordinary variety of climatic conditions and geographies. Hence, the company says they need to make technology resilient to this diversity. To tackle this, the company uses a “Super Smart BMS”. The advanced Battery Management System, along with the liquid-cooled thermal management system, maintains optimum efficiency. It also uses additional system sensors to guarantee optimal battery performance.

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