‘CEAT Shield of Safety’ initiative for Auto Rickshaws & Passengers

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mumbai-headquartered CEAT, a tyres & tubes manufacturing company has rolled out essential gear to auto rickshaw drivers in the country with the aim of making mobility safer for both the rickshaw drivers and their passengers. 

Under the initiative, CEAT is providing auto rickshaw drivers ‘CEAT Shield of Safety’, that equips the rickshaws with a protective barriers for restricting contact between driver and passenger. The ‘CEAT Sheild of Safety’ kit includes an isolation cover (to be put inside the auto), surface cleaner and sanitizer along with bottle holder, masks and gloves improving the safety quotient of the Auto Rickshaw in these trying times. 

Furthermore, CEAT is also providing educating Auto Rickshaw drivers on how to sanitize the vehicles and how to ensure the customers safety while riding making it easier for customers to choose a safer means of transport on the roads. This initiative will also manifest confidence in customer’s and help auto rickshaw drivers to resolve the predicament of not getting any rides during the Unlock phase.

In the recent past, the brand also announced its entry into the Personal Protective Equipment space with the launch of GoSafe S95 face masks designed to be used by biker’s housewives, children and elderly in times of the pandemic. The new CEAT GoSafe is priced at INR 249, can be washed and reused to up to 30 times and is available from exclusive CEAT Shoppes as well as leading e-commerce websites. The CEAT’s GoSafe S95 mask comes with 6 layers of filter protection with the innermost layer made from soft anti-bacterial fabric. The GoSafe mask comes with a multi-utility cloth bag that can be used to store the mask or other personal devices. 

Improving the safety quotient of motorcyclists, CEAT also launched a new range of Puncture Safe Tyres for motorcycles which are now available in select Southern state markets including Kerala, Bangalore, Mysore & parts of Karnataka as well as Coimbatore & Salem in Tamil Nadu. The new range of ‘Puncture Safe’ tyres from the CEAT are designed to restrict the tyres from deflating at the point of puncture.