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Ceat SecuraDrive tyres launched for Compact-SUV Segment

Written by Nayak

Ceat Tyres introduces a new tyre range named SecuraDrive SUV, especially suited for compact SUVs. These tyres are based on the SecuraDrive platform, a successful tyre range for premium sedans and hatchbacks. SecuraDrive SUV also will have similar attributes. The compact-SUV segment is witnessing steady growth, and thus, Ceat decided to develop an exclusive product for this emerging segment. It is safe to say that today’s compact-SUV segment is what the hatchback segment used to be a long time back. We now have so many options to choose from, with more new cars and updates coming along at frequent intervals.

What Makes a SecuraDrive SUV The Perfect Choice?

Ceat claims that these tyres offer superior performance on both highways and city roads. The use of 3D Groove wall technology helps improve the steering control and provide excellent cornering stability. With the Monsoon season just around the corner, Ceat has also enhanced the tyres’ performance on wet surfaces. The fluidic sipe design of the tread pattern helps to reduce aquaplaning, thus improving the braking performance. The tyres leverage the unique CACTUS algorithm, making the car cabin a lot more silent and thus providing a noise-free comfortable drive. Ceat mentioned that one of the key features of these tyres is the stylish tread pattern and the sidewall design, which adds to the SUV’s style.

Available Sizes

The shift in the body type, from typical hatchbacks/sedans to SUVs, is a global trend, and unsurprisingly it is the same for India. In the last five years, this segment has seen exceptional growth of 50 per cent and further, it will grow at a CAGR of 20 per cent over the next 3 to 4 years. Ceat mentioned that these tyres would be available in five sizes, 205/60R16; 215/65R16; 215/55R17; 215/60R17; 235/65R17.

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