Ceat launches ‘Puncture Safe’ tubeless tyres with Self Healing Technology

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mumbai-headquartered CEAT, one of India’s leading tyres & tubes manufacturing company has launched a new range of Puncture Safe Tyres for motorcycles which are now available in select Southern state markets including Kerala, Bangalore, Mysore & parts of Karnataka as well as Coimbatore & Salem in Tamil Nadu.

The new range of ‘Puncture Safe’ tyres from the CEAT are designed to restrict the tyres from deflating at the point of puncture. The resistance in loss of pressure is provided by the CEAT’s in-house developed and patented Sealent that seals the punctures giving the Puncture Safe tyres ‘self-healing’ properties. 

The self-healing Puncture Safe CEAT tyres can seal punctures for nails up to 2.5 mm in diameter and are secure and performance-oriented that improves the rider’s safety as a total loss of control can occur if tyres deflate at operating speed. The Puncture Safe tyres are designed to abolish such scenario’s improving the rider’s safety quotient and decreasing the potential risk for all road users as well as an inconvenience due to a flat tyre. 

The CEAT Puncture Safe tyres are available in seven different sizes and are compatible with most popular motorcycle manufacturer and can be reviewed at the brand’s official website. The CEAT Puncture Safe tyres also come in a unique patented box packaging. 

CEAT Milaze Puncture Safe

In other news, CEAT has also ventured into manufacturing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with the launch of the CEAT GoSafe S95 face masks designed to be used by biker’s, housewives, children and elderly in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CEAT’s GoSafe S95 mask comes with 6 layers of filter protection with the innermost layer made from soft anti-bacterial fabric. The next three layers provide protection against microbes which consists of small particle filters for added protection. The outmost layer is made from mesh that filters particles and contaminants. The mask comes with a nose clip and splash resistance for added safety and comfort. The GoSafe mask comes with a multi-utility cloth bag that can be used to store the mask or other personal devices. 

The new CEAT GoSafe is priced at INR 249, can be washed and reused to up to 30 times and is available from exclusive CEAT Shoppes as well as leading e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Seniority and many more. 

CEAT GoSafe S95 Mask