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Ceat launches EnergyRide EV tyres for two-wheelers

Written by Rohit Tonapi

After launching the EnergyDrive 4-wheeler EV tyre in the market recently, CEAT has now launched the EnergyRide EV. Ceat says this is India’s first tyres for two-wheeler EVs. According to Ceat’s COO, the company went out of its way to understand the consumer. With the EnergyRide EV tyres, it wants to address two concerns of electric scooter owners. These are – range anxiety and safety. 

Ceat EnergyRide EV Tyres – Highlights

According to Ceat, the characteristics of an ICE-powered scooter and an electric one are vastly different. This means there was a need for a different set of tyres for EV scooters. Ceat’s new EnergyRide EV is an answer to all these problems. The aim of the company with the new tyres is to maximise the scooter’s performance as well as the tyres. 

ICE-powered scooters do not have the amount of torque that electric scooters do. Furthermore, this high amount of torque is also instantly available as the user starts the scooter. Regular scooter tyres are not able to deal with this torque and weight. Ceat’s EnergyRide EV comes with a unique ‘Circuit Design’ tread to deal with this. This provides a better grip in high torque and instant acceleration scenarios. Furthermore, the tread pattern also offers superior water channelling. The construction of the tyres is also able to distribute the force exerted evenly. Thus, reducing the wear and tear and also helping the tyres to last longer. 

In addition to this, Ceat has incorporated a special rolling resistance compound. This reduces the energy loss during motion. Lower rolling resistance is beneficial for EVs. This is because the electric scooter can coast for longer. It also helps the scooter save energy while accelerating. Together, this provides the desired extended range to the scooter. Ceat aims to address the range anxiety concerns that many EV users face today using these tyres. 

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