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Cars with tinted glasses still running on the streets

Cars with tinted glasses still running on the streets
Written by Parichay Malvankar

The Indian Motor Vehicles Act prohibits the use of tinted glasses on vehicles; however, you can still spot cars running across the streets with tinted glasses without any fear.

Traffic police try and keep a check on such activity, but claim that there are plenty of cars still running with tinted glasses. Police claims that the ‘influential’ citizens are not bothered about further action which the police can / would take.

Some quote that their cars have been stopped by the police multiple times, but are released by shelling out some amount of money without issuing a challan. Also, some cars try to get away from these situations by pasting a sticker of their political party.

In Uttar Pradesh, a total of 357 kidnapping cases were recorded in 2013, and it was noticed that the crime was done mostly with cars having tinted glasses. The government officials have been informed that if a car is found to be using tinted glasses, their documents should be confiscated and sent to court where the final judgement and fine will be levied. Also, the tinted films should be removed on the spot from these cars.

Considering crime, removal of tinted glasses seemed like a good move. However, in India, with the amount of heat, the government needs to be a little lenient and allow a certain amount of tint on the glasses to make it comfortable while commuting.

What is your take on this?

Source – ET Auto