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BSVI ready Yamaha bikes & scooters will cost 10%-15% more

Written by Parichay Malvankar

By now, every car and bike enthusiast and potential buyer is aware that the Indian automobile industry is going to witness a switch from BSIV to BSVI emission norms in 2020. Starting April 2020, all cars and bikes sold in India will have to be BSVI emission compliant. India Yamaha Motor (IYM) Pvt Ltd has today officially announced that they have started development process for the same, and their range of BSVI products will be introduced in the Indian market in a phased manner starting from November 2019.

With concerns of safety equipment along with meeting the stringent emission requirement, the new motorcycles and scooters will feature additional hardware. Almost all two-wheelers are expected to get fuel injection and other changes for emission compliance might include a better catalytic converter, improved exhaust, O2 sensors and other diagnostic content. Yamaha promises to work towards environment-friendly products for the Indian market.

Depending on the features and the changes required, Yamaha has revealed that prices of the BSVI models will be increased by roughly 10% – 15%. From November 2019, Yamaha will introduce BSVI motorcycles while the scooters will arrive from January 2020. Yamaha claims that they will standardize a few parts which will result in cost-efficiency, and hence the customers might not feel too much of a pinch while shelling out money. For example, the ‘Side Stand Switch’ which prevents the engine from starting till it is completely retracted.

Yamaha recently launched the Monster Energy MotoGP editions of the YZF-R15 V3.0, Ray ZR and FZ25. All three of them are limited edition models and come with the MotoGP livery of the factory Yamaha team. With a primary black theme with a hint of blue and coloured decals, these limited edition models look very sporty and distinct in comparison to the standard ones on sale.

Yamaha however is lacking in the big bike department where almost every other manufacturer has more products cross various segments.