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Brekr electric motorcycle gets 160 km range from 2 removable batteries

Written by Nayak

With the growing demand for electric vehicles all across the world, we are witnessing a lot of innovation in this segment. Recently, Brekr, a Netherlands-based EV manufacturer, launched its new electric motorcycle named Model B. First things first, the motorcycle looks quite attractive. From the initial impression, the build of the motorcycle looks minimalist, but it does attract a lot of attention.

What Makes The Brekr Look So Cool?

The e-bike gets a double-cradle and twin-spar frame. And this is what makes the motorcycle stand out from the crowd. Without much bodywork and a naked build, the e-bike weighs just 75 kilograms. And this is including the 9 kg battery pack. Contrary to the fact that the bike is lightweight, it can easily carry two people. To offer the customers a seamless experience, Brekr is offering a seven-year warranty. The motorcycle gets USD forks at the front with a travel of 100mm, and the rear gets dual shock absorbers with 60 mm of travel. Brekr uses a disc setup both at the front and rear for safety and adequate braking performance.

Battery Details

Brekr B makes use of a high-power removable 40.2Ah battery pack. The equipped electric motor is a 4kW unit that makes close to 3.35 BHP of power. The peak power output is set at 5.4 BHP and 140 Nm of torque. The e-bike has a top speed of 45 kmph, which can be restricted to 25 kmph as and when required.

Given this speed, the e-bike is best suitable for intra-city commute and daily errands. The company claims that the range under a single charge is close to 50 to 80 km. But, the rider has the option to swap the degraded battery with a new one and increase the range up to 160 km. The battery takes close to 5 hours for a full charge from zero per cent.

Price And Availability

As it stands, there’s no news if Brekr will enter the Indian market. For the European market, the motorcycle will have a sticker price of EUR 4,499, which converts to INR 3.92 lakhs.

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