Breath analyzing bike lock- Can this be used for motorcycles and cars?

Written by Paarth Powale

Team Shifting-gears came across an interesting gadget online called the Alcoho-Lock. A Japanese firm KOOWHO developed a lock that has an inbuilt breath analyzer. They developed this as a solution for the havoc inebriated bicyclists were creating in Japan. Ignoring traffic signals, falling off the bike into paths of oncoming cars caused a lot of accidents.

How it works: once locked on the cycle, to open it you’ll have to blow into the mouthpiece of the lock. The device measures if the amount of alcohol is under the legal limit and unlocks. If it’s over the permissible legal limit the Alcoho-Lock won’t open and send a warning text to registered contact telling them you’re smashed. The contact then has the option to remotely unlock the device on your behalf.



Interesting isn’t it? Now we’re wondering if this device can integrated in the motorcycle and cars. Wouldn’t it be a boon? Your car and motorcycle won’t start unless the device analyzes your breath. Would reduce the number of drunk drivers.
Here’s the video to see how it works.