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BMW reveals i7 Protection, armoured electric luxury sedan

Written by Kanad Kalasur

BMW has showcased the i7 Protection. This is the fully armoured version of the i7 electric sedan. The i7 Protection is also the first bulletproof electric sedan of the German carmaker. The car could make it way to VIPs including heads of state and other individuals.

BMW i7 Protection

BMW is offering a Class VR9 protection with its latest armoured sedan. The VR9 classification refers to being bulletproof and offering its occupants protection against explosives.

In terms of protection, the i7 Protection is capable of withstanding a caliber of 7.62×54 R ammunition. Furthermore, the company has armoured the underbody and the roof as well. Not to mention, there is armoured glass used all around that offers protection from drone attacks and hand grenades.

The bulletproof i7 is the first all electric BMW sedan to get the Protection category. This is a significant milestone for the 45 year old Protection division of BMW.

The car rides on special 20-inch wheels with Michelin supplied 255/740 R510 rubber. This has been specifically developed for the protection sedans. These offer run-flat capabilities of upto 80 km/h.

Furthermore, unlike external retro-fit armoured options, the factory based vehicle is claimed to offer higher benefits. BMW also allows customisation of the car as per the specific needs of the clients. This can range for additional protection to other specific requests.

Powertrain of the BMW i7 Protection

Underneath all the armour is the top-end i7 M70 variant of the car. This gets dual electric motors. The power output on it reads as 544 BHP and 744 Nm of torque. BMW claims that the car can do 0-100 km/h in 9 seconds and go on to a limited top speed of 160 km/h. These are pretty good numbers for a heavy vehicle.

That said, BMW has not yet revealed the weight of the car.

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