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BMW reveals fully recyclable i Vision Circular concept car

Written by Nizam Shaikh

BMW has introduced the BMW i Vision Circular concept car with sustainability and luxury in mind for 2040. The BMW i Vision Circular Concept car is a compact full-electric four-seater. The vehicle boasts of offering generous amounts of interior space within a small four-metre footprint. BMW has designed i Vision Circular concept according to circular economy principles. The car also reverberates with BMW Group’s plans to become the world’s most sustainable manufacturer in the premium mobility space.

What is ‘Circular Economy’?

Circular economy principles revolve around cutting down on the use of secondary materials. Through Circular economy principles, BMW Group strives to achieve climate neutrality by cutting down the CO2 emissions. BMW will also obtain materials such as secondary aluminium and secondary steel by recycling waste material. The process of furnishing secondary materials is far less harmful to the environment and carbon-intensive than the extraction of primary materials. Currently, BMW Group produces its vehicles using nearly 30 per cent recycled and reused material. The brand plans to gradually increase this figure to 50 per cent through the ‘secondary first’ initiative.

BMW i Vision Circular Concept

The brand aims to create the BMW i Vision Circular using optimised closed materials cycles and achieve a 100% use of recycled materials. BMW will target the use of materials that have already completed a product life cycle as well as certified bio-based raw materials. The brand also reveals that the BMW i Vision Circular will use an all-solid-state battery. BMW will make the battery from 100 per cent recyclable materials. The brand will manufacture the battery using materials sourced from the recycling loop.

BMW i Vision Circular Design

The BMW i Vision Circular comes with a new ‘circular design’ approach. The vehicle is packed with a new, inspirational aesthetic combined with sustainability. The i Vision Circular is built on four principles – RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE and RE:CYCLE. The car comes with a digital kidney grille that spans the entire front of the vehicle. The grille and headlights on the Vision Vehicle merge into one “double-icon” The kidney surface also turn into a graphic interface. The i Vision Circular also comes with flared wheel arches and a large glasshouse. On the inside, the car features a 3D printed steering wheel with interaction pads and a seamless infotainment system.

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