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BMW Motorrad ‘Definition CE 04’ electric scooter from the future revealed

Written by Nizam Shaikh

BMW Motorrad has unveiled the all-electric near production-ready ‘Definition CE 04’ e-scooter that boasts to link the analogue and digital worlds of the user serving the means of both transport and communication for the urban commuter. The advanced electric scooter brings the BMW Motorrad Concept Link that was showcased in 2017, one step closer to reality. The Definition CE 04 bring the Concept Link nearly unchanged incorporating the radical design into the near-production version. 

In terms of design, the Definition CE 04 is heavily inspired by the Concept Link and is similar in terms of the visuals. The e-Scooter comes with an elongated low slung design with a diagonally rising front apron creating a futuristic appearance. The bodywork features sharply defined edges and aerodynamic structures. The flat battery packed in the underbody allows the CE 04 to gain innovative storage spaces that can be illuminated and folded open from the side giving the rider options to store their belonging as well as the helmet with ease. The low position of the battery also provides a favourable centre of gravity for enhanced riding dynamics. 

On the front, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 features a minimalist twin U-shaped LED headlamps with a clear layout and slim contours for a modern appeal. The rear lights are formed of two C-shaped light elements that have been integrated into the rear side panels. The rider and the scooter are connected by a 10.25-inch display which is the largest in the scooter segment to date. The instruments cluster is connected to the user’s smartphone. 

The Definition CE 04 also comes with exclusively developed rider equipment consisting of a casually cut warm parka suitable for everyday use black riding jeans, stylish sneakers and a white open face helmet. The parka is waterproof as well as breathable and incorporates safety features such as integrated light guides in the sleeves and hood for greater visibility on the road. The inside pocket of the innovative parka also has an inductive charging field for the smartphone, allowing the user to keep their mobile topped up during their ride. 

The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is designed to be a practical daily commuter for driving from home to the office or meeting friends with the target of riding short distances of approx. 12 km per day. The powertrain and range details of the e-scooter are expected to be revealed soon.