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BMW & Mini announce new service & repair inclusive packages

Written by Nizam Shaikh

BMW Group India has introduced new service/maintenance offerings with transparent service packages that cover maintenance, inspection and wear-and-tear. BMW and Mini customers can select a package at a pre-fixed rate for Service Inclusive packages as well as Repair Inclusive packages with a single upfront payment that covers an extensive range of services. 

The choice of plans are based on duration/mileage and the Service Inclusive are offered up to 10 years / 200,000 km and the Repair Inclusive packages are offered for unlimited mileage for up to 6 years. The brand has also offered flexibility to renew/extend the packages to up to 15 months post expiration.

In the Service Inclusive package, the brand offers – Oil Service Inclusive, Service Inclusive Basic and Service Inclusive Plus each of which provides the scope of service offered under each one and customers can pick any one of them for the duration / mileage of their choice starting from 3 yrs / 40,000 km and extend it up to 10 yrs / 200,000 km. 

The Oil Service Inclusive package is designed for a customer with low usage and covers only oil services of the vehicle. The Service Inclusive Basic cover much more than engine oil service along with the regular maintenance, top-ups, brake fluids, air-filter, fuel-filter, micro filters spark plugs as well as vehicle check-ups. The Service Inclusive Plus includes replacement of wear and tear items such as the clutch, brake pads, brake discs and wiper blades in addition to the Service Inclusive Basic. The Repair Inclusive package extends the standard 24-month warranty to 6 years and unlimited kilometres and covers the cost of all necessary repairs agreed for the mileage/duration.

BMW and Mini cars are equipped with an on-board diagnostic system along with the Condition Based Service (CBS) maintenance system continuously monitors oil levels and the degree of wear and tear on individual components using various sensors, parameters and algorithms and unlike conventional and fixed service intervals it can provide realtime data to prevent major breakdowns by preemptive maintenance. 

The Service Inclusive and Repair Inclusive packages can be easily transferred in case of change of ownership and only Original BMW Parts are used by trained BMW service staff for the service and repairs of BMW and Mini vehicles. 

The brand also offers the option of including the cost of Service / Repair Inclusive in the loan amount if the vehicle is financed by BMW India Financial Services.