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BMW M Performance kits discontinued: Homologation issues

BMW M Performance kits discontinued: Homologation issues
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Reports on the internet suggest that BMW has discontinued the M Performance kits for the entire range of BMW cars in India. This is because of certain homologation issues which have cropped up, not making these changes acceptable / legal.

The BMW M Performance kits allowed owners to customise their ride as per their taste. Not only cosmetic changes like bumpers, ORVM cases, exhaust tips, etc., but even changes to the engine electronics could be made. The engine remap and other hardware changes to the engine side could help bump up the power and torque figures up to 10% more than the stock setup.

But seems like making your car a little more fun to drive is no longer an option. Dealers are also not selling any of these kits, with the company directing them not to offer any of these parts to the customers.

Source – Team-BHP