BMW K1600 to be equipped with Laser Headlights

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

BMW Motorrad is working on Laser Headlamps for the new K1600 motorcycle.

Although i8 and 7-series already come equipped with laser headlights, this tech wasn’t available on any superbikes from the stable.


Laser lights have been chosen over the conventional halogen headlights because they particularly produce a bright and white beam with a beam range expanding to 600 meters while the regular halogen headlights are limited to a 300 meters of area, thus providing better visibility and safer environment for riders during dark hours.


The prototype has been revealed at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) going on in Las Vegas and elaborates that these lights can easily be fitted into any motorcycle concept easily. A K1600 GTL is on display at CES showing how would it look and work on a motorcycle.