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BMW India extends service and warranty packages

Written by Nayak

BMW India launched new extended services and warranty packages for its customers. Also, the group mentioned the extension of the dealer warranty coverage and Service/Repair Inclusive packages for current BMW and MINI owners. Given the restricted movement of customers and personal vehicles on the road, BMW came up with this idea. Hence, the customers whose warranty and Service/Repair Inclusive package expires between 31 March 2021 to 29 June 2021 is now extended to June 2021. Thus, the BMW owners now have a flexible option and peace of mind in this unprecedented time.

Various Service Packages Offered By BMW India

The German luxury car manufacturer mentioned that currently, it has three Service Inclusive packages on offer. These are Oil Service Inclusive, Service Inclusive Basic and Service Inclusive Plus. Customers choose to opt for various duration/mileage combination starting from 3 years/40,000 km to 10 years/200,000 km depending upon their usage.

Oil Service Inclusive

BMW recommends the Oil Service Inclusive for the customers with low usage, which covers only the vehicles’ oil service.

Service Inclusive Basic

The ones looking for a more comprehensive one can get the Service Inclusive Basic. This includes all regular maintenance work such as vehicle check and standard scopes, air filter replacement, fuel filter, microfilter, spark plug, and oil-related services.

Service Inclusive Plus

This includes everything of the above and the replacement of wear and tear items like brake pads, wiper blades, brake discs and clutch. BMW confirmed that these Service Inclusive packages are also available for customers for their existing cars. But, customers must note that the package begins from the date of purchase and not from the Warranty start date.

Customers with very high usage can avail these packages in the business portfolio as well. Another critical point about these Service Inclusive packages is that any price or tax rate increase will not affect the pricing. Additionally, customers can renew their package by paying the differential amount within 15 months once the validity is over. Customers with a business portfolio can avail packages that start from 2 yrs / 200,000 km with extension options.

Repair Inclusive – The Standard Warranty

BMW mentioned that the customers could extend the standard warranty in a vehicle after the initial 24 months for unlimited mileage up to 6 months. This Repair Inclusive is easily transferable, thus making ownership change a seamless process. The use of Original BMW and MINI Parts along with trained staff will ensure the best-in-class service. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, BMW India is taking strict measures. All the workshops, showrooms and vehicles undergo a thorough sanitization process. The test drive vehicles are also decontaminated after and before every drive.

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