BMW E-BOXER, Future Motorcycle?

BMW E-BOXER, Future Motorcycle?
Written by Paarth Powale

With the long term availability of fossil fuel being questioned, the only sustainable way for vehicles is to use renewable energy. With hybrid BMW cars already in the market and its ‘C evolution scooter’ already on sale, BMW Motorrad is not very far from developing an electric motorcycle.

Designing electric motorcycles are not as simple. We are so accustomed to seeing the motorcycle engines as though it creates a visual balance for us. Unlike cars, a motorcycle’s engine is visible. And electric engines are not as appealing visually in comparison to petrol engines. But we think BMW may have a solution to that. Its latest revealing of the BMW E-Boxer that the brand has been working on carries the looks of the traditional BMW boxer engine. The BMW Boxer is no doubt a beautiful looking motorcycle and carrying the same design lines the BMW E-Boxer looks like its younger sibling.

This intelligently designed concept mounts two electric motors on a single central transmission, with each one protruding on either side. The patent also indicates an air cooled engine with functional aluminum fins. Apart from the visual appeal the dual motor has economical advantage. The transmission can be arranged so that one motor can disengage and the bike can run on single motor, thus increasing the bikes travel range. This also provides low center of gravity and the tension is shared by two motors. BMW claims that these two smaller motors will provide the same output as a large single motor.

With such advantage and in addition to the conventional visual chemistry the motorcycle provides is incredible. We wouldn’t be a surprised to see this machine on the streets in the coming years. Power and other specs are still unknown.