BKT Earthmax SR 468 is a giant 57″ tyre

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) an India-based tyre manufacturing company has announced that a prototype tyre of the size 40.00 R 57 has been made in India and in the coming months the ‘Giant’ tyre will be tested by BKT engineers. The large 57-inch tyre has been christened EARTHMAX SR 468 and the specialist off-highway tyre has been designed to be equipped on rigid dump trucks and is expected to be used in the mining industry and earthmoving. 

The Earthmax SR 468 now extends the Earthmax family of radial tyres from the brand that are primarily used on off-road vehicles. The Earthamx family tyres are equipped with an All Steel structure which provides greater resistance to the casing and is resistant against damage, improving its durability and reliability. The Earthmax SR 468 features a special rubber compound and tread design that limits the heat that is generated during the operation. The E-4 depth of the tread provides extreme resistance in highly challenging conditions providing optimum grip. 

The giant 57-inch tyre is produced at the brand state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bhuj Gujarat where the brand installed the new machinery to make the large tyre. The machinery had reached the plant in Bhuj just before lockdown but due to the new safety protocol to protect its staff from COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing unit was temporarily closed and its operations suspended. After implementing the rigorous safety plans for all its staff, operations finally returned to normal which includes the installation of the large 57-inch tyre machinery which was done with the online help from the manufacturers and BKT engineers. 

According to the brand, the COVID pandemic will not stop the brand’s progress to the future, and the company will not stop creating products, but in a safe manner to safeguard its staff from the pandemic situation. The BKT group manufacturers an extensive range of off-highway tyres specifically for vehicles operating in agricultural, industrial, earthmoving, mining, port, ATV, and gardening industries.