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Bharat Petroleum creates EV Fast-Charging Corridor on Chennai – Trichy – Madurai Highway

Written by Nayak

Given the rising demand for EVs in the market, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited has announced its EV Fast-Charging Corridors on Chennai – Trichy – Madurai highway. Under this, the PSU has rolled out CCS-2 DC Fast chargers at 10 of its conveniently located fuel stations along the 900 Km route on both sides of the highway. Each charging station is spread at an interval of approx 100 km, thus allowing more convenience.

Furthermore, BPCL is accelerating its focus on new business segments for sustainable growth. There are plans to convert 7,000 conventional Retail Outlets into Energy Stations. This will provide multiple fuelling options, including EV charging facilities. In the future, BPCL will build such infrastructure at key routes which have high existing motorist traffic and potential for transition to travel by electric vehicles.

Importance Of Charging Infrastructure

With the proliferation of EVs in the market, viable charging infrastructure is the need of the hour. Even though a lot of EV makers are lending their hands in setting up nationwide charging infrastructure, the current network is still very slim. Key players like Tata Power and other OEM EV makers are increasingly adding more charging stations to their network. To encourage more customers to join the EV movement, it is very important to mitigate the range anxiety. And as it stands, the situation is not very encouraging. But now, with initiatives like this that have been taken up by Bharat Petroleum, we can expect a significant boost.

Converting Conventional Fuel Stations To Charging Stations

India is one of the countries that has a wide network of fuel stations running across its length and breadth. This is a great scope as fuel stations can integrate EV charging stations as well. Upgrading fuel stations to accommodate EV charging stations is a win-win situation for both, customers and fuel station owners. BPCL, along with other oil refineries of the country, are taking this approach to upgrade their fuel stations and become future-ready.

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