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BGauss unveils A2 & B8 electric scooters for India, Launch in August

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

BGauss a sub-brand of RR Global, a Mumbai-based conglomerate in the electrical industry, has unveiled two new electric scooters named A2 and B8 which come in a total of 5 variants and rival the likes of the electric-powered scooter such as the Bajaj Chetak, Hero Electric Optima, and TVS iCube. The company has also announced that the BGauss A2 and the B8 will be available for sale from the first week of August. 

The BGauss A2 is the entry-level low-speed model while the BGauss B8 is the premium offering. Both the A2 and the B8 come with the option of Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid battery pack and the brand offers features such as 3 riding modes (Low, Mid, High), daytime running lights, Multi-colored Digital Display, LED instrumentation, Keyless start, Centralized Seat Lock, USB charging, anti-theft alarm, anti-theft motor locking, side stand sensor, find your scooter and both come with a dedicated mobile app. Both the A2 and the B8 also come with telescopic front suspension and disc brakes on both ends.

The BGauss A2 which is the entry-level low-speed model comes powered by a 250 Watts electric motor coupled to either a 60V VRLA fixed lead-acid battery which takes 7-8 hours to charge from 0 to 100% SOC (State of Charge) or the optional 1.29 kW user-removable Lithium-Ion battery pack which takes 2 hours 15 minutes to achieve 100% SOC. The powertrain can propel the BGauss A2 to speeds of up to 25 kmph and return a range of 110 km on a single charge. 

The BGauss B8, on the other hand, features a 1900 Watts Bosch BLDC (Brushless) motor matched to a with a fixed 60V VRLA lead-acid battery pack that offers a range of 78 km on a single charge and takes 7-8 hours to charge the battery from 0-100%. While the Lithium-Ion and LI Technology trim variants feature a user-removable 1.45 kW Lithium-Ion battery pack that offers a range of 70 km on a single charge and can be recharged to 100% SOC in 3 hours. The BGauss B8 can achieve a top speed of 50 kmph on all three variants but is offered with features such as navigation assist, ride metrics, remote diagnostics, SOH & SOC, live tracking, geo-fencing, full charge alerts on the LI Technology trim.

Both the BGauss A2 and BGauss B8 are available in three colour options – Blue, White, and Grey.

The brand has not revealed the pricing of the BGauss range yet, but is expected to be priced between the INR 50,000 to INR 1.40 lakh range.