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Benelli to discontinue all non-ABS superbikes in India

Tejen Dhankhar
Written by Tejen Dhankhar

DSK Motowheels has been really aggressive with the Benelli brand of superbikes in India and have constantly created a buzz by introducing newer models across multiple segments.

One thing that the brand had promised, and potential customers have been waiting for since a long time is the introduction of ABS. Now, Benelli is planning to discontinue all non-ABS models from India and re-introduce them with ABS. This plan was officially announced at the Auto Expo as well.

All ABS equipped models will be introduced before the end of 2016.

Apart from this, the new models showcased at the Auto Expo earlier this month will also be launched in 2016 itself.

The launch plan for ABS models is as follows:

Benelli TNT 600i and 600 GT: April 2016

Benelli TNT 300: July 2016

Benelli TNT 25: September 2016

Benelli TNT 899: Next Year 2017


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