Being “Powerful”

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Owning a powerful vehicle like a superbike or an exotic supercar in India is an experience of it’s own. People taking photographs of your vehicle, following you, asking you questions at every stop you make, gathering around you, etc. It’s an experience and feeling of it’s own that every single petrolhead around the country wants to experience for once in their lifetime. But, there is a flipside to this gold coin, that is mostly been ignored by the crowd. Roads aren’t perfect, fuelling problems and the major one is handling so much of power over the crazy Indian roads filled with not so good drivers. In such case, how to handle such vehicles properly would be a question striking you right now. Here, with our experience with such powerful vehicles over roads, we have got some tips for you to enjoy the beauty of these extremely well engineered masterpieces of machinery.


Riding Gear is an essential

Riding Gear is an essential

The very first thing to care of course. Please ensure to be safe before even trying such a vehicle on our roads. If riding a superbike, do ensure to buy and wear a full body CE armored riding gear. DOT / SNELL approved helmet must be on your head to protect yourselves from any kind of possible injuries. Gear helps a lot.

If driving a powerful car, basic is seatbelt the which you must wear. Thanks to improving tech, nowadays, you don’t need to do much to be safe in a powerful car as they come loaded with every possible safety feature available.

Power & Handling

Handling the power is one of the major issues

Handling the power is one of the major issues

Before you fire up the engine and get things to redline, always take a moment and think about what you are riding, how much power does it have and how fast things can go out of control if you commit any kind of mistake.

Don’t rev up the engine straight ahead, be light on throttle responses may it be a motorcycle or a car. Open throttle means very sudden build up of momentum that might be hard to control for you. Get yourselves some open wide stretches of road with good visibility conditions and then pull the power up. Risking your lives and throttling down inside the city limits is not something you would like to do, we are sure about that.

If you already know the route and tarmac, behave gentle and don’t play hard, sometimes its not what you would have planned. In case you are new to the route and tarmac, never ever try building up power. Things can get ugly before you even blink your eyes.

Don’t try hooliganism and drive without obeying rules, may it be city or highways. Zig-zagging may not just cause inconvenience and risk, but, also might lead to damage to the commuters, avoid that.


Powerful vehicles come equipped with very high end braking systems. Meaning that they can stop in a sudden moment which other commuting vehicles can’t. Braking of average traffic matters a lot and in case you were driving fast and you brake hard, there are great possibilities (in India especially) that someone might get into your back at speed. Please don’t even try it.

Common Sense

The most important factorbefore you try any exotic. Common sense is what most people lack and may be that’s why you would find idiot riders without helmets trying to race you on streets. There might be people trying to follow you and hence irritating too, people might even try to block your way just to get the glimpse of that engineering masterpiece. So, behave calmly and find a peaceful way. Let the throttle off if someone follows you or tries to get in a race with you, they are idiots not you. If someone is getting too close, hand signal them to keep distance in order to avoid any mishap.

‘With great power comes great responsibilities’, a saying that most of us must have read or heard somewhere in our lifetime, so, why not follow it. Powerful machines are outrageously fun only if handled properly with responsibility and knowledge. So, next time you get on or inside something powerful, please remember what you read today.