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BattRE signs up with Bounce Infinity for battery swapping solutions

Written by Akhil Dalvi

One of India’s largest battery swapping networks, BattRE has partnered with EV OEM Bounce Infinity, to use its charging network. Via this arrangement, customers of BattRE can rely on the wide network of battery swapping stations being planned by Bounce Infinity. The two like-minded companies aim to create a ‘smart and affordable electric solution’ as a norm for customers across India. Bounce states that it has designed its smart swap stations to showcase compactness, user-friendliness, and high amounts of accessibility for consumers.

About the Battery Swapping Network 

The battery swapping structure is a pod-like automated unit that houses multiple batteries and keeps them charged for later use. Bounce Infinity aims to diversify the proven station across prominent locations, including residential societies, key parking spaces, fuel bunks, and malls. Other swapping station locations include fuel stations and Kirana stores where customers can swap their empty batteries for new ones. Customers can also use Bounce Infinity’s designated app to search for the nearest swapping locations to swap batteries within 2 minutes.

Future Plans for the partnership and other services 

Bounce Infinity stated that their new partnership with BattRe is a step in the right direction to build smart electric solutions. Additionally, the company has focussed on doubling its efforts to transform electric mobility by introducing advanced technologies and services. Following its vision of ‘access to mobility, Bounce will encourage BattRe to use its battery-swapping network for long-term growth. Meanwhile, BattRE states that the current initial cost of purchasing EVs in India is quite high for personal use.

Therefore, by partnering with Bounce to use its swapping network, the company aims to promote the personal use of EVs. Keeping interoperability in mind, Bounce Infinity has designed its swap station to support diverse vehicle segments, brands, and models. The company also claims that the network is future-proof, technology-enhanced, and accessible to lakhs of customers across the country. Bounce Infinity aims to set up battery swapping stations within a one-kilometre radius within cities to build a swapping infrastructure.

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