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Bajaj’s CNG motorcycle to be revealed on 5th July by Nitin Gadkari

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Bajaj has confirmed that the brand will be launching the World’s first CNG motorcycle in the Indian market. The Bajaj CNG bike will be officially revealed on the 5th of July 2024. Doing the honours is the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Mr Nitin Gadkari. The launch event will be hosted by Mr Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto LTD.

Bajaj CNG Bike – Design

The Bajaj CNG motorcycle is likely to be christened the Bajaj Bruzer and the bike could come with two variant options. The Bajaj CNG motorcycle is likely to come with a rounded headlamp and a long bench seat. The CNG bike is also likely to come with knuckle guards and sump guard which will make the bike more robust. This will also make the CNG motorcycle more apt for use in the rural market.

Bajaj CNG Bike – Bi-Fuel (Petrol+CNG)

The bike is also likely to have a smaller fuel tank than conventional motorcycle which is likely to make way for a CNG gas tank. However, the motorcycle is likely to come with a smaller tank to extend the range of the bike. The rider can also use this extra fuel in case they run out of CNG fuel. Additionally, the motorcycle is likely to come with the latest electronic technology. This is likely to include a full-digital speedometer cluster along with digital fuel gauges for both petrol and CNG.

While details of the power train are still scarce, speculation is that the CNG bike is likely to come with a 125cc single-cylinder engine. While the engine is not likely to be built to deliver oodles of power but, it is likely to be very very efficient. The brand is also likely to offer the Bajaj CNG bike at around the INR 1 lakh ex-showroom mark.

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