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Bajaj will add Traction Control to Pulsar N250 and many more features

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Bajaj is set to launch the all-new Pulsar N250 soon. We have already seen multiple spyshots of the motorcycle when it was caught testing. As per sources, the Pulsar N250 is going to get some new features that have never been seen on a Bajaj motorcycle.

What to Expect?

The new Bajaj Pulsar N250 is expected to get traction control. This makes it the first Bajaj motorcycle to get the same. Even the higher capacity Dominar does not get traction control. The TC on the upcoming N250 will be rider-switchable too.

As another first, Bajaj will add multiple modes for ABS. The Pulsar N250 is expected to get three levels of ABS. The three levels will allow the riders to use the ABS as desired based on the riding conditions. The highest setting will have maximum ABS engagement. This setting will be ideal for wet, rainy riding conditions. The mid-level will have a comparatively lower ABS intrusion. This will give riders the leeway to brake the bike hard. In the third setting, the riders will be able to completely switch off the ABS.

Besides these changes, the N250 will also get a refreshed digital console like the NS series. Bluetooth connectivity and a new switch gear will also make their way onto the bike.

Pulsar N250 Engine and Hardware

The Pulsar N250 will be equipped with a 250 cc oil-cooled motor. In its current state, this engine produces 24.1 bhp of power and 21.5 Nm of torque. However, we expect Bajaj to slightly tweak the tuning for a little more power output. The spy shots also suggest that the N250 will get petal discs for the front and rear. The front will also get upside down forks.


The current Pulsar N250 is priced at ₹1.5 lakh ex-showroom. With the amount of upgrades that the motorcycle is set to receive, we can expect Bajaj to demand a ₹8,000 to ₹12,000 premium.

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